The Director Poll connects behavioral health and recovery organizational and program leaders nationwide—helping them adapt to the emerging needs in the industry. The following data briefing offer a selection of data insights compiled by a panel of analysts, sourced from the Director Poll and powered by Gloo technologies. 

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[PDF] Spring White Paper 

The Collaborative for the Advancement of Recovery Excellence (CARE) discusses the state of the behavioral health and recovery industry, key areas for organizational improvement and the impact that the COVID 19 pandemic has had on innovation and technology adoption.

[PDF] May 26, 2020

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[PDF] May 4th, 2020 

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A library of all downloadable data briefings and reports for the behavioral health and recovery industry.

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[PDF] Clinician Report

The Clinician Check-in is designed to help communities and organizations become data-informed so they can better serve their people and teams. This data brief brings to light new observations and highlights the experiences of clinicians serving on the frontlines of behavioral health and recovery service.

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[PDF] July 9, 2020

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[PDF] September 9, 2020

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What is the Collaborative? 

CARE is an initiative co-sponsored by Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network and Gloo, bringing thought leaders, research partners, and professional associations together to advance critical elements of the Behavioral Healthcare and Addiction Treatment system of care. CARE has brought a State of the Industry survey to leaders in the field in February, focusing on 4 pillars that make up a high performing organization. COVID-19 and the pandemic brought forth a need to continue surveying the state of the industry in the form of an ongoing Director Poll. You can take the poll below. To learn more about both initiatives and see the results, please keep reading.

The Director Poll informs industry leaders about the impact of COVID, the adoption of telehealth and other digital solutions as well as the importance of technology in supporting the recovery and wellness of the people they serve.  Additionally, these reports and the interactive dashboard (powered by Gloo) provide critical industry data on trends and insights that reflect current concerns and questions posed by leaders.  

The Collaborative for the Advancement of Recovery Excellence

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[PDF] Annual CARE Report

The Collaborative for the Advancement of Recovery Excellence (CARE) has a new white paper out! 

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